Pavian Plugs - Custom Jewellery
finished these bracelets today. stonesetting never gets boring. #pavianmetals #beryll #malachite #brass
todays jam. nearly fnished with my first big bling series. cannit stand brass anylonger. time to get down with some silver, gold and gems #hoohaa #whipnoise #brassisabitch #bezelbanger
finished two custom pairs of 8mm pink ivory plugs with amazonite cabs in brass, all hardware set. this sets are meant as wedding jewelry. i hope this is the proof that mixed media sets are also in smaller sized ace.
 #handmade #organicjewelry #organicplugs #topnotchjewelry #classyasfuck
just aquired this piece of druzy citrine. the druzes are mixed in a sugar brown color to a smokey gray/black. 
pairs up to 40mm are possible. drop me a message for a quote:
#custommade #plugs #plugsporn #plugsofinstagram #pavianplugs
started this lotus hanging design about 18months ago, put it somewhere and havent been able to find it till now. going to change the shape and add a few leaves before heading it out to be casted in metal. this one s going to be a banger. #pavianplugsorganics  #earweights #stretchingweights

Around how much would it cost for a sterling silver ring that has a small black stone in it with 'victorian' details around the edge? Sort of like the picture I put up on my page...


just checked it out, lets talk about it in emails:

sounds interesting!

cheers patrick

carved a neat 16mm pair of amethyst plugs this week. that purple is quite strong. this set is sold but we have more of this material in stock. for custom projects drop us a mail:
#nofilter #customplugs #organicplugs #amethyst #pavianplugs #stretchedears #plugsofinstagram #plugsporn #plugsnotdrugs

You are so talented :) how do you do this jewelry?

thanks for the kind words! well i would say with my two hands haha

i hope i answered your question right :)

cheers! patrick

How much did the anchor pendant sell for?

the anchor pendant runs for 70€ a piece. it is available in brass or bronze(also in sterling silver but here we have an other price range of course).
if you are interested you can place an order at:

cheers patrick

Custom Jewelry

hi friends!
i enjoyed making fine and bling jewelry a lot lately. would love to make another handful of cool custom projects, no matter if metal/wood/stone only or mixed media pieces, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, belt buckles or even sculptures..
i honestly dont care what it is, i just would love to work out some pieces people enjoy wearing and showing off.
if you are such a person or if you know someone who is, let me know about it or share this post.

anyone can contact me about such things at:
i would love to give quotes about custom pieces.

patrick from pavian plugs / pavian metals.

how much would a pair of 1/2 inch plugs be around, thinking about choosing from your crystal selection.

hi there!

prices are depending on the chosen material, i would love to give you a quote via email. drop me a message at: to talk about details.. thanks alot!

cheers patrick!

I've got 2g piercings and often find it hard to locate unique pieces as such a small size. Do you do any custom work in that range?

hi there! i am carving stones from 3mm upwards, so 2g is no problem!
pieces made from precious metals like gold or silver are also possible in this size.

if you want to talk about a custom project just drop me a message: 


Hi! Your work is beautiful! Where do you get the precious stones for your jewellery? Do you find them in nature or purchase them from somewhere? Just curious. Either way your work is lovely. :)

hi there!
never been asked about this, mostly i buy stones in rough big pieces, cut them up for the sizes i need and carve, grind and or polish them. but also i am out in nature often looking out for minerals(mostly non precious but still beautiful ones) and again cut/polish them.

but if it comes to very precious gems which i am not able to get in rough easy or if they need to be very tiny and faceted i buy them at my certified gemstone dealer.
if you want to know anything else just ask :)

thanks for the kind words!
have a great day. patrick

Do you ship worldwide?

i sure do! insured and fast!
cheers patrick