Pavian Plugs - Custom Jewellery
Prototype of a linkchain design.
18mm chrysoprase olive wood plugs. olive wood eyelets. 
Wanted to rest for a few days but just couldnt resist those druzes plugs.14mm olive & ebony
last day of shop sale!at Kaiserstrasse 74, 1070 Vienna!

Wunderschöne sachen macht ihr, ganz schlecht für meine schmuck addiction 😉

Vielen dank, freut mich zu hören!

Organic basic plugs from last week. Available at LUX piercing domplatz 9, 7000 Eisenstadt

Machst du auch so 7mm plugs?

Ja mache ich, absolut kein problem.
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sterling silver ring with labradorite cab.

hi.wieviel kostet ein paar bloodwood plugs in 30 mm mit 12,7 mm wearble area bei dir?

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Carving some olive/ebony/pink ivory shapes

how much could i buy a pair of 1 inch rough faced amethyst plugs for?

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do more than existGröße: 60x80 cm

a friend of mine made this. i like it a lot by: