Pavian Plugs - Custom Jewellery
Finished these 15mm sterling #silver #eyelets #plugs yesterday
10mm Ruby-Kyanite plugs, mayanflared.available
15mm Sunstone. doubleflared.the orange colors are working excellent in sunlight.available
20mm boulder opal teardrop plugs. doublefalredavailable on:
freeform quartz plugs with a big shield, wearable for 13mm
17mm mayan falred quartz plugs. the face is convex so you will get an upside down image while looking through them.also they will give a nice effect of the skin while worn.
agate in 19mm ebony teardrop, fancy with backlight
30mm green aventurin quartz. pretty neat.
16mm lapislazuli doubleflared
10mm labradorite with a full
i wanna make a sterling silver tunnel set with these sodalite cabs to be set in as tophat style.the cabs themselves are 18,5mm in diameter so i would say wearing size could be anything from 10-16mmis anyone up for this project? drop me a message here: pavianplugs@gmx.atcheers
Etsy Shop is online.

i will put all of my new premade stuff there for you guys.

cheers p::q

30mm Serpentine teardrops.
2x 25mm long and 5mm thick amber nipple bars1x 8mm amber septum plug
76,2mm Olivewood Swastika Plugs.