Pavian Plugs - Custom Jewellery

zebrawood heart necklace with a damn old rusty metal fitting 7,5cm x 6,5cm This is the only piece available! FOR SALEorder->
upsidedown cross. african blackwood. 55mm in lengthorder->
25mm ebony teardrops with pink agate and ebony necklace wiith rough pink agateorder ->
LOVE LIFE painted dogtags.Nutwood and Bleech.available now
LOVE X LIVE dogtags. Nutwood and Bleech.available now
olivewood set, ring, necklace, earrings.order ->
some anchor necklaces. zebrawood, american nutwood and beech wood.i am able to make any anchor shape in any given wood 
order ->
ring, tuhja burl with pink ivory.
order ->
necklace, used woods:nutwood burl, lemonwood, pink ivory, tigerwood, purple heart, bleech.
order ->
bracelet, out of teak wood.
order ->
ring, murano glass set in american nutwood
order ->
ring, red swarovski stone set in teakwood.
order ->
necklace, jasper, leather strings, vavona burl.order -> 
ring, cats eye set in mahogany.order ->